"As a great fish travels along both banks, the nearer and the farther, even so a person travels along both states, the dream state, and the waking state." Brihdarahyaka Upanishad, Book IV, 3:1
It has been said that art expresses the unarticulated needs of the world community. It’s sources are derived from all that is known and unknown, or as the Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu wrote, "…all of the ten thousand things".
For most of my life I have been sustained by images, memories, and stories that contain a sense of mystery, those that pose a question, or those that require an investigation of some sort. It is my practice to bear witness to the inner life of intuition and dreams. It is a world of symbols both personal and universal.
The written and spoken word of poetry, rich with undefined impressions leaves the mystery tended, but not fully explained. An elusive visual image engages our viewer’s eye and imagination in ways that a literal explanation does not. I resonate with Charles Simic’s phrase “the still moment of the eye grafted to the heart”, expressing a moment when it is the heart that reads the meaning of a poem or painting.
Studio practice requires one to have an open mind, to cultivate a pregnant moment, and to have a core trust in intuition as it meets uncertainty. It is a way of continually energizing those qualities in my life. Hopefully, the viewer will come away with a sense of having been somewhere new, and yet, familiar.